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The “State Of The Catfish” Address – October 2012


I’ve been getting a lot of emails over the past few days from people wanting to know:

  • If I am OK.
  • What’s going on with the website, is it going away
  • Why I have not been posting as frequently as “usual”
  • Why there have not been any recent Catfishing Radio episodes
  • What the heck is up!

Since I have been getting so many emails and am having trouble keeping up with responding to them I figured it would be best to just post a general update here. With the climate of election season I figured I decided to give this update a political ring!

First and foremost, yes I am OK, great in fact. I’ll get that out of the way now before I go any further. Thanks for asking also!

The State Of The Catfish Address

Obviously a few weeks ago I rolled out some major changes to the look of Learn To Catch Catfish, you can read all about that here.  These changes were something I had wanted to do for quite a while.

While looking at the site things may seem relatively unchanged in the last couple of weeks since I rolled out those changes there has been a LOT of work going on behind the scenes with several very talented people involved (and I am not one of them). I’ve been working with a few people on several aspects of the site to help work out some bugs, assist with graphics work, and try to help finish some of these design issues so I have the framework in place for the future plans at Learn To Catch Catfish.

The whole site was redesigned to make it possible to do some really killer stuff in 2013 and I’m working on the “tools” to be able to do that.


What’s Going On With The Website, Is It Going Away?

No, the website is not going away, far from it. I’ll admit I had gotten a bit beat down this summer but I’m back with a vengeance and ready to rock. I feel better about Learn To Catch Catfish and helping catfish anglers across the country than I ever have.

I’m just trying to finalize these site design changes and get these pieces in place and move forward.

I have some crazy plans for the future. So stay tuned.


Why Have There Not Been Recent Episodes Of Catfishing Radio?

The Podcast: Last year I took a break in November and December. I planned to do that this year and planned on doing two podcasts in October. I got sick over a month ago and have a nagging cough that I just cannot kick. Every time I try to record I have coughing fits and the show sounds awful. Rather than release the “coughing show” I have been trying to get better.

I’ll likely do one to two more shows for 2012, take a break and then come back in early 2013.

If for some reason you would like a 60 minute audio recording of me coughing shoot me an email and I’ll send one to you!


Why Have I Not Been Posting As Frequently?

Well, couple of things here. Besides the site redesign I have been writing like crazy.  I have probably written more in the last month than I have in the past year.

I have been working on a content plan for 2013, laying the framework for some big announcements, writing a couple of books and a whole mess of other stuff with an overall focus of “quality over quantity”.

Some of the “highlights” are below.


Catfishing Secrets

I have been putting together a series of “catfishing tips” (actually more like an epic book on catfishing advice) that is now about 25 pages long.

This is some “exclusive content” going out to the Catfishing Secrets newsletter in the hopefully not too distant future. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and just had not gotten to it. I finally put my nose down and started working.

It’s some pretty epic stuff. If you’re not already signed up to the email list, you need to sign up. You can sign up here.


Catching Shad

I’m putting together a new book and training program on patterning and catching shad. This is without a doubt one of the biggest things you can learn to be successful catching blue catfish.

Part of this will be free, part of it will be a paid product.

I’m super excited about this and really looking forward to sending out the free content.

If you want to get access and receive this information when it goes out, click here and enter your name and email.


The Learn To Catch Catfish Community

I was hesitant to do this when I started it but did so because of email requests from the Learn To Catch Catfish readers. I had so many people asking for it I finally decided to give it a try.

Having been in this “forum” world for a long time I knew what a pain in the rear it was going to be when I started it, yet I did it any way.

Over the past couple of months I have been doing some “soul searching” about the future of the site and the forum has been a major question for me. I did not feel I was giving it the attention it deserved. I didn’t feel I was doing everything I could to make it the best it could be, and quite honestly, it was distracting.

It not only was nagging at me because I felt like I needed to be there, needed to be doing “something”, but the “internet drama” associated with a message forum is about the same as having a house full of 13 year old girls.

So I pulled the plug on it tonight.

There are a lot of great catfish forums out there, and some not so good ones that do nothing but give a bad name to the sport as well.

Regardless, because I felt the “community” or “forum” was keeping me from doing what has made this site so successful, I made it go away.

I’m not saying that in the future there will not be a similar feature like message board or some form of communication means, I’m just saying for right now, what was taking place was not a good fit.

Plus I love reading all your awesome comments on the articles on  the site!


Bottom Line

I’m doing a lot of “stuff” behind the scenes, all of which I am really excited about.

Make sure you sign up for the Catfishing Secrets Newsletter so you get in on the free catfishing information I am about to release.

Make sure you sign up for the free Catching Shad program.

Stay tuned for some more really cool stuff coming from Learn To Catch Catfish. I’m going to turn the catfish world up on it’s head, yet again.

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  1. Larry Wakefield says:

    Grate update and timely. Looking forward to more articals and pod cast. Sorry to see the forum go, but you know best, was hoping to make a go of it there. Have more time on my hands than I know what to do with, If there is anything I can help you with, let me know am willing to help.

  2. I enjoy your site. I understand what it takes to create the best web site possible. I would hope the catfishing community will be patient with you so that you can put out a better product. Sometimes it takes a little sacrifice to get something better. Thanks for what you do

  3. larry bramlage says:


    Glad to hear you are well. I am looking forward to the shad show. Will you cover patterning shad in rivers also? Please cover how to throw a cast net in the new video. I know you covered it elsewhere, but it would be great to have that along in one place. How about how and where to hook shad for different presentations? And how to keep those shad alive and happy in a baitwell?

    Thanks, Larry
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  4. 101butterbean says:

    Howdy Chad,
    I don’t care what you do as far as changing anything; I’m still agonna be here!!!!

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