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Storing Fishing Rods and Hooks Safely

storing catfish rods and hooks safely


Storing fishing rods and hooks when not in use may seem like something trivial and might not concern you. I can tell you from experience once you or someone else gets hooked with your gear it becomes much more of a priority.

Since I spend so much time catfishing with clients I have to not only be on the lookout for myself but for everyone else around me at all times to keep accidents from happening. I have been fortunate that I have never had a client injured while fishing with North Texas Catfish Guide Service myself I have not been so fortunate and have been impaled with fishing hooks more times that I care to admit. This coupled with the fact that I have small children at home and two very curious dogs (remind me sometime to tell you about my beagle eating and rolling around in punch bait).

There are simple steps that you can follow that will not only help to assure that your hooks are secured properly (and safely) when your rods are not in use but also to help you with transporting your fishing rods. I see people almost every single day at the lake moving rods from their truck to the boat or boat to the truck and throwing things around in frustration because they are all tangled up together in a great big mess.

I have had several question also about the rod racks that I use on my catfishing boat. Some of the holder are built into the console but the white ones that everyone keeps asking about are an add on, called a three position rod rack. You can find this through the link below.

Product Link: Three Position Rod Rack

In this video I  cover:

  • Where to place your hooks on the fishing rod for safety (and to prevent lines from getting tangled)
  • Why you shouldn’t place your hooks on “hook keepers” or the rod eyelets.
  • How to secure your fishing line and catfish rigs to keep the line from tangling.
  • What to do to secure your sinkers to keep them from knocking ceramic inserts out of rod eyelets.

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  1. Good advice as this is what I do with my gear and learned it when I was a teenager watching Bill Dance.

    Like to change the subject a little bit if thats ok with you:

    Live in Athens, TX. and there is a Lake Trinadad 16 miles away. This is a gas power lake..When they turn the plant on and circulate the water most of the current is under the 2 bridges which are 1/2 mile away from each other. All hell breaks loose when the water is churning and all of the fish and shad are everywhere and people catch a variety of fish..I mainly catfish myself with punchbait..They are easy to catch but when the plant shuts down and the current stops the fish stop biting that quick.

    Am new to this area and have gone down there several times without the plant on. Give you an idea went there last Sunday and fished for 4 hrs changing to different spots without a bite. I stay at least 30 min before moving. Fish from the bank and you cannot put a boat, wade, float, access is limited..So what would be your advice on how to fish this lake and catch fish without the plant being on?

    Lake is full of cattails and hydrilla on 1 bridge the other bridge has the same but more timber have fished both without any success.

  2. Rutherord says:

    Thank you, Chad
    First i would like to say great website, thanks for the tip on how to store your rod and reel win not in use because i have bent a few eyelets on my rods and my hooks have been stuck all over the place. Very informative website i love it!!

  3. Xavier Rivers says:

    Thanks for the advice, I have a quick question.. What rig is on that rod & reel in the video? Thanks

  4. Larry Bowman says:

    Thanks for tip on safe hook storage. With 4 grandkids and 5 dogs, only want to hook a fish. LOB

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