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Sure Shot Catfish Bait

sure shot catfish baitHomemade Sure Shot Catfish Bait By Benny Roberts

Over the years I have been very fortunate to meet some great people and become good friends with a number of people through my catfishing career, and Benny Roberts is one of those people.

I first met Benny Roberts about ten years ago at his home in Decatur Texas. I had started the Texas Catfishing Resource website and someone emailed me asking if I had ever used Benny Robert’s Sure Shot Catfish Bait and sent me an email with some information on it.

I had heard of the homemade bait but never actually used it so I called Benny Roberts and spoke to him on the phone briefly about his product, and decided based on the conversation that it was worth a trip to his house in Decatur Texas to investigate further and get some. Roberts had also agreed to give me some bait to give away as a free prize on the Texas Catfishing Resource website.

On my phone call with Roberts he had told me that he had a shed out in the back of his house and that if was not there I could just go into the shed and get the homemade bait and put my money in the drop box. I arrived at Roberts place in Decatur and he was not home at the time. I was hesitant to go snooping around his barn even after Benny Roberts had told me to, I guess the few times in my life I had been shot with rock salt left a lasting impression on me.

I left and went into Decatur and returned to Roberts house and he was back at home. Benny took me back to his shed where he sells his Sure Shot and showed me around the shed and the drop box where folks come in and pick it up put their money in a drop box on an honor system.

It was not at all what I imagined, the small room with sunlight shining through the windows was lined with refrigerators, and a long counter on one said with pictures of fish that Benny had caught fishing with his bait, wooden paint stir sticks for punching the bait, and some notes about leaving your money in the drop box. The room was immaculately clean, everything in it was spotless. Buckets of his catfish bait lined the back of the counter, neatly stacked and displayed. As Benny opened the refrigerators one by one he explained it, and the way he sells it and showed me numerous buckets of it in different sizes that ranged from half gallons to full gallons to five gallon buckets.

Benny talked about his punch bait and fishing with the enthusiasm of a school boy. His eyes lit up and he chuckled a bit when he began telling me about fishing on some of the North Texas lakes and different methods he used for catching fish.

Benny and I must have spent several hours sitting there talking about fishing and life that day and I left and headed home. A few days later I was fishing with some friends and we were fishing for channel catfish and I pulled out the bucket of Sure Shot and baited a hook with it. I was very familiar with fishing with similar products as I had been using Danny Kings for a number of years and had fished with Bob Fincher’s a number of times over the years.

I loaded the hooks with Benny’s and cast out to a shallow mud flat around some cat tails and within seconds my client had reeled in a nice fat channel cat, this was a repeated process over the course of the next several hours until we had loaded an entire cooler with four limits of channels and blues (100 fish).

I used Benny’s stuff several more times over the course of a month or two until I had used up the entire gallon and another gallon of Sure Shot as well, and when I ran out I headed back to Decatur and picked up more from him.

I was still amazed with Benny’s honor system for buying his product in his barn, and that in this day and age he was able to put enough trust in people to expect that they would do the right thing and pay for it. I quickly realized as well that he was sharp as a tack, and knew exactly how many buckets of his product were in his barn at any given time and exactly who was coming and going. It amazed me that he was not robbed blind but I guess there are still good people in the world today.

I remain optimistic to this day that  this honor system never becomes a problem for Benny. He is one of those guys that would give you the shirt off his back and the shoes off his feet if he thought it would help you, and wouldn’t think twice about doing it. Through the years I have been amazed not only with his generosity but his willingness to help people.

Ultimately through buying bait from Roberts and talking with him at his house when I went to pickup bait I became friends with him and we started spending more and more time talking about fishing for catfish and his catfish punch bait and one day when I went to pickup some bait he took me into his “inner sanctum” where he makes his homemade bait.

sure shot catfish baitBenny walked me through his process of making his Sure Shot and showed me the basics of his recipe and started showing me his process, where he makes it, how he mixes it and more. I was quite surprised with the information he was sharing with me.

Don’t bother asking me what is in Benny Robert’s Punch Bait recipe because I would never dream of sharing the information he gave me. It was given to me based on a degree of trust and not something that I would be willing to share. If he wanted everyone knowing what was in his bait  he would tell them. I am not so naïve to think that Benny has shared his exact process or every ingredient in the bait either, as I am sure there are tips and tricks and ingredients that I have no information on at all.

Over the next couple of years Benny and I began fishing together occasionally at Lake Lewisville from his big Falcon Boat. We had some good times fishing for blues and channels at Lake Lewisville and caught some nice fish together.

Benny is a blue catfisherman at heart and definitely likes catching blues over channels, you learn this quickly when you start talking to him about fishing.

When I started guiding and selling my soap to the public I started selling Benny’s Sure Shot as well. I shipped out gallon after gallon of it and had folks driving to me from all over Texas to pickup Benny’s bait from me. I literally sold thousands of buckets over time.

One day I finally came to terms with the fact that I had too much going on and with guiding, making soap and selling it, making juglines, and selling punch bait I had too much going on and had to back off a bit, so I quit selling the Sure Shot and reorganized my business a bit. My decision to stop selling Benny’s bait had nothing to do with the quality or anything else because it is as good today as it was when I used it for the very first time, and I ultimately will probably start selling it again.

So what is so good about Sure Shot Catfish Bait?

This is a true homemade bait that Benny makes from his home in Decatur Texas. Benny does every bit of the work making it himself, from making it to packaging it up.

Benny has a proven recipe and knows how to make it just the right texture and consistency to catch fish with it, because he is a fisherman himself.

I have fished with a lot of different stuff over the years and Sure Shot is one of the best, hands down.  It has never failed me.

I don’t fish with prepared baits all year long because I do use shad a LOT, but there are certain times when fishing with prepared baits is hands down the best option ton get numbers of fish in the boat so I never leave the boat ramp without a bucket of it in the storage compartment of my boat.

There are a lot of good baits on the market, and Sure Shot  is definitely one of them. I would not hesitate to recommend Sure Shot Catfish Bait to anyone.

The only complaint I have about it is when it gets really hot it can be somewhat difficult to keep on the hook, but this is not a problem specific to it, it is a problem with every cheese based bait I have ever fished with. I wrote some information on this in my article, bait too thick or too thin.

If you are thinking about fishing with Sure Shot (or any others) you might also want to read our other articles like, what is punch bait,  how to bait a hook with it, how to thicken or thin bait, choosing a rod and reel, choosing hooks, what is chum and how to make chum.

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  1. Bob Mueller says:

    Chad and Benny: I was not surprised to hear that the honor system still works, because the people who choose to catch catfish are the kind of folks you would invite to your home, at least the porch and sit to talk about our choosen sport. I am not commenting on the folks who fish for other types of fish, as I believe that there is an honor among most fisherman. (except when talking about the size of the fish they caught). Fishing is an honorable and very old occupation, some of us have the priviledge of having fishing as a lifetime sport. I have a lot to learn about catfish and how to catch them, but I enjoy talking with people of a like mind anytime. If fishing was good enough to put in the Bible, it’s good enough for me. Thanks for the information, I will try the bait some time soon.

    Keeping the Shad slimey,


  2. sam wilkes says:

    where can i get some sure shot???

    what kinda prices??

  3. Andy Anderson says:

    I have been fishing with Benny’s Sure Shot for several years now and intend to keep using it. It is easy to use (push the hook in and pull it out) while I have never caught a large cat with it, (I am not in Texas) I “ALWAYS” catch catfish with it! Rare is the night that I come home without fish. Thanks Benny. Oh, and the checks in the mail for another bucket…


  4. kevin cobb says:

    where can i buy your bait what kinda prices

  5. terry eaton says:

    do you know if benny roberts still sell sure shot punch bait thank you for your time and info.

  6. Troy Wedgeworth says:

    I contacted him by e-mail and he still sells bait. I just bought some.

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