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Team Catfish Sudden Impact Fiber Bait Review

sudden impact fiber bait review

Over the past year and a half I have received countless questions from anglers about various catfish baits. Team Catfish baits have to be one of the most asked about products I have received questions on and up until last week I had never tried any of their baits.

I recently took the Team Catfish Sudden Impact Fiber Bait for a five day test drive to see how it works, so I am finally able to provide a review on the Sudden Impact Fiber Bait.

I won’t typically pass judgment on a catfish bait after only a handful of trips but the results I have had at this point were worthy enough to pass on. My review processes on anything I use are ongoing. By that I mean if something changes or I have additional information to add to the review, I will come back and add to the review. I typically also add a short “blurb” in my month in review articles as well when I have made a change to a review or any article, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.


What Is Sudden Impact Fiber Bait?

Well, it is a punch bait. I reached out to Jeff Williams from Team Catfish and asked the owner, Jeff Williams why the product was called Sudden Impact Fiber Bait and not Sudden Impact Punch Bait. He explained that people outside of Texas didn’t know what punch bait was, so he named it ‘”fiber bait”.

“Fiber bait” (or punch baits if you will) are a thick cheese based bait that allow you to fish without the use of dip worms, sponges or tubes to help hold the bait onto the hook. You simply take a plain treble hook and push it into the bait with a stick (I use a screwdriver) and remove the hook from the bait. The thickness of the baits in combination with the fiber material help keep the bait on the hook. I covered this in detail in an article and catfishing video a while back, you can check out what is catfish punch bait.


Sudden Impact Fiber Bait Review

The first thing that caught my eye is that Sudden Impact Fiber Bait comes in a black bucket (1 gallon) and with a black lid (smaller than 1 gallon). While this might not seem like a big deal, I have seen just about every brand of bait out there over the years and they all come in a white bucket. This is presumably due to the fact that most cheese based baits get very soft when they start warming up.  Having a black bucket would increase the temperature of the bait in the sun, so most manufacturers opt for white.

The other very noticeable feature of the product packaging is it comes in a bucket that has a very firm sealing lid on it. While this really doesn’t have anything to do with the actual bait it does with the storage. The smell didn’t escape the bucket at all. I left the bucket sitting on my desk for several days and then moved it to the garage, where you still couldn’t smell it (in the heat). When a bucket of cheese bait gets in the heat my lovely wife usually comes straight to me and gives me some clear direction to get it out of any area she will be visiting. Despite all the years I have been catfishing exclusively she still doesn’t take kindly the smell of baits or soured wheat around the house. The lid on this bucket fits snugly and seals tight on the bucket.

The Sudden Impact Fiber Bait at first glance looks like most other punch baits in color and texture. The first thing I did was stir the bait up well. I immediately noticed it was very smooth and didn’t have any chunks of anything in it. It was very creamy also. I would compare it to a very thick peanut butter texture. You can see the fiber inside the bait when you stir it up, but the fiber appears much different than the fiber found in many other similar baits. It is common practice for the fibers to be long and “stringy” because adding cattails is a common practice among many manufacturers. The fibers in this bait don’t appear to be like what is used in most baits, they are much smaller and less “stringy”.

Baiting the hook with Sudden Impact Fiber Bait was easy. This can actually be a problem with some products but I punched a clean hook twice and never had an issues getting it to hold to the hook.

It held to the hook well when casting and would last the typically one to two casts without baiting again. It is common practice for me to bait a hook every time I cast when using prepared baits (see catfish punch bait 101) so I never have an expectation that any product will stay on the hook longer than that.


Handling The Heat

I don’t use prepared baits all year long but do use them extensively in the summer. One of the biggest issues I have had with these style prepared baits has been how the heat effects them. I have never used a punch style bait that didn’t get soft and runny in the heat. I have talked about this extensively on Learn To Catch Catfish in the past in articles like keeping punch bait cool in the heat and thicken catfish punch baits with cattails. This has been a problem for every single bait I have ever used fishing in the summer heat.

Sudden Impact is different though.

I left both baits out in the heat all day every day. Both buckets were at room temperature at the start of each day and both were left out in direct sun for the entire day, and Sudden Impact was a clear winner.

By 1:00 I had added cattails to the bucket of Sure Shot twice and I had not done anything at all to the Sudden Impact. The bucket of Sure Shot was almost not fishable after being in the heat all day and was full of oil and water. The Sudden Impact was still good and thick and was still holding on the hook well. I could tell bait was softer than it was when I started the day but it was still good and thick and very fishable. The bait thickened and was good and firm when stirred up, without cooling it or adding any thickening agents.


sudden impact fiber bait heat


Does Sudden Impact Fiber Bait Catch Catfish?

Enough about the packaging and bells and whistles. What you’re really wanting to know is whether or not Sudden Impact Fiber Bait from Team Catfish will actually catch fish. At the end of the day, that’s what matters, right?

I fished for five days with four anglers in the boat and had a bucket of another punch bait I have used for years in the front of my catfishing boat and a bucket of Sudden Impact in the back. The front two anglers used “my old standby” and back two anglers used Sudden Impact with everyone using a secret channel catfish rig.  I couldn’t tell any difference in the numbers that were being caught as each bait appeared to produce the same number of fish. Both baits appeared to produce the same amounts and sizes of fish as well.

As always I will continue to add updates (if anything changes).

Be sure to check out the interview with Jeff Williams of Team Catfish on Catfishing Radio.

For more information on Team Catfish and Sudden Impact Fiber Bait check out the Team Catfish website.

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  1. i got a small tub of team catfish secret 7 dip bait and was very disappointed in the product. i always have used dip bait and always bring home good keeper size fish. i used there bait for 4 days in a row on 2 different lake that are proving good fishing spots and had no luck. the straw that broke the camels back was the last time i went fishing me and a friend was at our favorite spot and i caught a 7 inch channel cat, thats right 7 inches, i have got bluegill that was bigger. my friend who was sitting right next to me using chicken livers ties into a 10 lb channel cat in the same area.i not gonna say anything bad about secret 7, but i cant say anything good either.

  2. I have been waiting for this review for a while. I bought a bucket of the sudden impact bait from olsens pro am when I was up there in February. (by the way love their tackle shop although it is a long drive for me since I live in Killeen. I have used the bait next to my homemade punch bait and was very disappointed. At first it has a turpentine smell to it and my bait out fished it every time I used it. I did catch a few catfish with sudden impact but nothing truly considerable and I put I thru a long trial. Like I said very disappointed and I eventually just thru it out and kept the container for my bait. I’m not downing on team catfish but their fiber bait wasn’t worth the 40 bucks I spent on it. Their dip bait secret 7 I have done very well with and even bought several containers of it and mixed cattails in it to use it as a punch bait. It may work very well in some areas but unfortunately for me I wound up with a 40 dollar bucket tonput my bait in lol.

    • That’s interesting. It has produced very well for me and I have fished it side by side against several other baits I have been using for years and it has produced equal or better numbers every time. Of course the whole key is being where the fish are. The huge upside for me is it handling the heat so well. I have yet to use the Secret 7 but will be giving it a try very soon. I am not a big dip bait guy but I am going to use it and give it a fair and honest evaluation, maybe it will change my view of dip baits.

  3. I have had the same experience as you Chad. I started using Sudden Impact several months ago and thought it was the greatest thing. After reading some of your articles I decided to try out the Sure Shot Bait. My wife and I both preferred Sure Shot because it seamed to stay on the hook better, the smaller Channel Cat couldn’t just knock it off as easy. As the months turned hotter and hotter we observed the melt down of the Sure Shot so I pulled out the Sudden Impact. I would use the Sudden Impact while my wife used the Sure Shot it didn’t seam to make any difference we both continued to catch fish. I’ll keep both brands in my boat.

  4. Brian Klawitter says:

    I’ve been using Secret 7 for three years now and started using Sudden Impact this year.

    Using 4 rods out of my boat, there are days when S7 only caught 1 or 2 fish and all my fish came in on Sudden Impact…and the very next day it was switched around where SI wasn’t doing very good and the S-7 was kicking cats in the boat. Since I was playing musical rod holders, I don’t believe it was bait placement, just that they preferred one over the other that day.

    Being just North of IA we have many brands of prepared baits to choose from. Most people try them all, but at the end of the day the Team Catfish Brands are quality, consistency, reasonably priced and they work if not better than other top of the line brands, just as good.

    I fish the Upper Mississippi River near Red Wing MN.


  5. After your review and your interview with Jeff Williams, i have purchased 3 gallons of the sudden impact. I bought 2 quarts to start with and went out to a favorite spot. After 2 hours i left with 22 1-2 lb. channels and an 8 lb. blue. Went home and ordered more immediately. I love this stuff. It has out fished any of the dip baits, and home-made baits I was previously using. Also, i used it in excess of 100 degrees on several occasions now and it has performed amazingly. Thanks for all the good info.

  6. Well, on Dec 4 I figured I would try out some Sudden Impact in cold water. The air temperature was just above freezing and when we came off the water we ended up with four inches of snow. Water temp was 41 degrees.
    I had the lid off the SI all the while we were out and it still went on and stuck to the hook…better than I expected.

    Here’s a short clip. You’ll have to watch closely in the background in the first section of the video. The channels didn’t like the camera lights. Once I turned out the lights the action lit up! LOL!

  7. K. Gregg aka Txbigcats says:

    Thanks for the video Brian.

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