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The Blue Catfish Finger Munch Video

Spring Catfish

This is one of my favorite videos that I ever shot. My friend and fellow fishing guide Jackie Kennedy was trying to get this blue catfish off the hook and it clamped down on his hand and went to spinning while it was locked on his hand. I could tell it hurt him pretty bad but couldn’t help but laugh. Everytime I watch this video it makes me laugh all over again. You have to play it with the sound on because the sound makes the video.

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  1. Charles Burks says:

    Late one night or early one morning Jackie and I were loading his boat on Lake Fairfield when his winch line let loose and hit him in the hand. I heard the crack and watched him dance for a few minutes.
    The LORD gave fishing guides, especially the good ones, hands that are extra tough.
    Jackie be a fine feller. Peanut did not laugh at his antics nor did I. He can whoop me with one hand!!

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